Thursday, 5 July 2018

Experience Royal Delight inside Le Meridian Towers Makkah
Looking for an elegant looking accommodation is served to be utmost need for travelers to stay within the vicinity of unmatched luxury and opulent grandeur. These are all what best experienced in Le Meridian Towers Makkah.

One of the top rated 5-star hotel in Makkah does not require any introduction as this is a part of pioneer hotel chain spreading all across the globe.

Leisure travelers reaching Makkah to pay their heartiest prayer at the house of Highest Deity can find celebrity like staying pleasure inside this monumental looking Makkah Hotels.

The very building of the hotel is impressive to look at as it spreads across large part of area and is visible from its sky reaching height.

Speaking of what to find inside, highly spacious marble floored reception as well as lounge area are simply impressive to look at. Even guest rooms have maximum space inside with Arabic style décor and artistic furniture as main forte. On the top of that, several units have separate living space for guests to spend quality time with loved ones.

One of the favored delights of this very luxurious hotel is its rich dining pleasure inside the restaurant. Plus, lobby lounge area is also there to serve refreshing drinks to guests.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Overwhelming Feeling to Stay Inside Le Meridien Hotel

Le Meridien Hotel in Makkah
Heading towards the holy city of Makkah is a matter of great virtue on the part of Muslims to seek eternal blessings from highest deity. Performing Hajj or Umrah has their own significant relevance, but what important is the decision to embark upon this journey spirituality once in a life time.

Someone has really said that first experience is the best experience then why not get the pleasure of the same no matter if you are going Makkah for the first time or have already been there before by booking your stay in majestic and monumental looking Le Meridien Makkah Hotel.

A Dream Staying Place

A chain of hotels having magnificent units all across the world has one in holy city of Makkah to provide unbeatable staying pleasure and relaxed comfort to both leisure as well as business guests. Iconic in its own sense with respect to plush interiors full of shiny looking marble floors, majestic chandeliers, state of the art décor and artistic of piece of furniture, the hotel sure to casts a magic spell in the minds of guests.

Strategically located just walking distance away from Masjd Al Haram, this luxury hotel in Makkah is a convenient place to having a relaxing yet luxurious stay. Also, to enjoy the outside excursions like shopping, eating and several other things, the hotel has a centralised position which is quite close to several tourist attractions.

Mere sight of guest room sure to makes you fall in love with the same as it features contemporary style interior and royal lush. Extremely soothing interior is best to talk about because of light coloured hues, exquisite looking wallpaper, modern day style amenities and complete peace and tranquillity inside. What is best to find inside some of the rooms is splendid view of the Mosque from large window panes.

Dining in this 5-star category hotel is something at par and truly spell bounding under Asian Shahd restaurant, The Rand restaurant and in Majaz Café that sure to let you experience international cuisine best served in complete delicacy with lip-smacking taste of the same.

Friday, 5 January 2018

Le Meridien Hotel Makkah - Simply Palatial in Every Single Sense from Top to Bottom and Both Inside-Out

Le Meridien Hotel Makkah is not just the name of a 5 star hotel in Makkah, but a true masterpiece of world class luxury and celebrity treatment that it offers to multitude of guests every single day and night. Standing tall with confidence and untouched reputation as one of the finest and luxurious accommodation in Makkah, this very hotel features in itself modern set of luxury, user-friendly hospitality, perfect dining experience and facilities that are contemporary in style and pattern.

Le Meridien Hotel in Makkah
Le Meridien Hotel in Makkah
 Fantastic and exuberant are words that sure to come out of your mouth, while watching breath-taking view of Masjid Al Haram from very window panes of luxurious guest rooms. One can find truly splendid combination of blue and white combination under the close vicinity of rooms that sure to treat your eyes with majestic feel and ambience. In terms of in-house amenities, there is nothing in this is world that you cannot find inside.

Enjoy a distinguishing dining pleasure in whole Makkah, while sitting inside spacious dining areas like Asian Shahd restaurant or the Rand restaurant that sure to serve you nicely prepared dishes in uber-cool pattern and lip smacking in taste.

Experience Royal Delight inside Le Meridian Towers Makkah

Looking for an elegant looking accommodation is served to be utmost need for travelers to stay within the vicinity of unmatched luxury an...